The question I get asked the most is 'what's your daily rate?'
My answer is always the same:
I prefer to quote fixed fees for delivery of a specific piece of work – partly because the nature and complexity of the work affects the going rate and partly so that the financial risk falls on me, not the client (so you’re not fretting that a piece of work is taking longer than expected and clocking up ever-increasing fees!)
However, I think my rates are very reasonable and, as one client is fond of quoting, you might find that you effectively get 'a Finance Director for the price of a good book-keeper'!
I never charge for any work without agreeing a fee beforehand, so you never need worry that you're getting charged for an initial chat.
I don't charge by the hour so you can ring me, email me, take me for a coffee/beer as much as you like without being afraid that it'll end up with an extra bill.
If, for whatever reason, I find that the work is really a lot different to what I'd imagined and that I really can't do it for the fee quoted, I'll always discuss it with you first (and it has hardly ever happened)
So, please don't be afraid to get in touch for a chat...then I can give you a realistic quote.