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Many people see book-keeping as a bit of a chore...  If that's you, then you're lucky because I love it and I'm very quick and very accurate at it!
You might think it can't make financial sense to pay a qualified accountant to do your book-keeping.  I'd say, let's talk might be pleasantly surprised.
My fees for book-keeping can be very reasonable because
a) I enjoy doing it,
b) I'm very quick and
c) being honest, it allows me to get a foot in the door, for you to see what I'm like and hopefully therefore a road to us working together on other things, such as your year end accounts (which are then cheaper as I've done the books and know I can trust the figures).
I have experience with Sage and Xero, but I'm also an Excel whizz and many smaller businesses find that a few decent spreadsheets provide all the book-keeping system they need.
I can offer a service that's either
Regular - weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on what you need
One-off - a catch up when you've left it for ages and realise you need to get it up to date
Come on, get in know you hate doing it yourself...!