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Funding & Grants

I worked for many years as Head of Finance for Northern Arts (now Arts Council England North East), whilst I've worked with a lot of funded organisations over the years, so I know the funding system - particularly that of the cultral sector - very well from both sides of the fence.
If you're applying for grants, I can help you to...
Prepare funding applications
Check figures within your own applications
If you're claiming grants, I can help you by...
Checking figures within grant claims
Providing any required external Accountant's Report on grant claims (for example, on any Arts Council England Grants for the Arts grants over £50,000)
If you're a funder, I can help you to...
Assess budgets within Funding Applications
Review/Assess client business plan
Review/Assess client Management and/or Annual Accouunts
Carry out Statistical Analysis (Client Comparisons etc)