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Year End Accounts

Everyone needs year end accounts...
I can prepare your year end accounts, if you're a
  • sole trader (ie it's just you)
  • unincorporated association (there are a few of you, but you're not registered as a company)
  • Community Interest Company
  • limited company (either limited by guarantee or limited by shares)
I can also prepare and/or issue an Independent Accountant's Report on the accounts of small and medium-sized registered charities
To be eligible for independent examination, a charity's:
  • gross income in the relevant financial year must not exceed £1 million; or
  • where the charity's gross income exceeds £250,000, the aggregate value of its assets must not exceed £3.26m.
I don't do audit work - it's a hassle, it's very regulated (so lots of red tape) and it's boring - but you may not need an audit anyway.
Lots of people ask for 'audited accounts' when they really just mean 'annual accounts produced by an external accountant and therefore something we can rely on being accurate'.
For example, I know this is what Arts Council England mean (because I checked), so why pay more for an audit?
You probaly don't need an audit if you have
  • Turnover under £6.5 million
  • Balance sheet total less than £3.26 million
  • Fewer more than 50 employees
I can be very flexible and prepare year end accounts either from your own book-keeping records or from scratch if you haven't written up your books.
I'm very experienced at presenting accounts to Boards of Directors/Trustees and explaining the key information in a way that the non-financially literate can understand.